Deep Sleep // Orange English Sun

Summer is finally here! It’s 30 degrees across the UK and I’ve been pining for my ultimate summer track for a couple of weeks now. With Marsicans releasing a new track, Corella with a single on the way and JUDAS’ music coming soon it was always going to take something special to stand out as my obvious “Track of the Summer”. That being said, the first few seconds of Newcastle indie rockers Deep Sleep’s new song “Orange English Sun” were evidence enough that this years summer soundtrack was coming from the North East.

Nobody works harder than Jay Landman who represents the band and he’ll probably kill me for the lack of contact and promo of this single but I wanted to wait to be able to get the right words together to describe this new track. Now, I would be lying if I thought the track was better than previous releases “Soho” and “1994”. As far as indie bangers go, they’re more complete, more rounded – but this is a summer anthem and find me any summer tune that has ever been a perfect musical track – it doesn’t exist.

The best summer songs get you bouncing, have a catchy hook and have lyrics you can sing along to. These songs shouldn’t show much regard for musical convention and should all be about having fun and Deep Sleep clearly had a lot of fun putting “Orange English Sun” together. I really do love this track, it reminds me of my favourite summers with my family, friends and loved ones; the way in which the band layer the multiple guitar tracks are similar to that of Deaf Havana and The 1975 and I would honestly challenge anybody who enjoys guitar music not to fall in love with this track.

The North-East has been longing for an indie band to put their stamp on this city since Maximo Park and I still truly believe Deep Sleep are that band. I hate that this track ends at 3 minutes, I could listen to a whole playlist of these guys making summer tunes but hey for now just go and give “Orange English Sun” a share and lets all enjoy the summer!

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