LELO // I looked At The Sun

Lush is the only word anyone needs to describe LELO’S latest single I Looked At The Sun. The early summer released track is a fabulous piece of retro floating dream pop with rich production, guitar, soaring strings and some soft backing vocals from those Marsicians lads. Given the bright and sunny weather we have had this year LELO catches the mood perfectly here.

Ronan Peaker is the Leeds based multi instrumentalist behind LELO, and musically I’m always somewhat reminded of Rhodes (an artist I’ve seen live probably a dozen times), given Ronan’s solid pure voice and hungry need to fill any spare space with a splashing gush of interesting complementary sound. There’s also something of a neat and more polished Bon Iver about this man, and on this track I even get a feel for a reflective and fluffy The !975. I’ve met Ronan and he is every bit as laid back and sweet as his music suggests.

The track is a song about lazing in the sunshine and a throwback to those endless magical childhood days splashing around in the pool, running around the garden or those vital periods spent just lazing on your back on the grass. I think there’s a danger we forget some of these simple pleasures as we get older. The accompanying video sees LELO recorded in his Nan’s back garden on a 50 year old cine camera and that retro feel suits the song perfectly.


At present typing in “LELO” into a search engine brings up a Swedish business specialising in selling “luxury sex toys” (are there any non luxury ones?) as its lead item, but on this showing I’m sure that a web search for Ronan/Lelo will soon eclipse the G spot.

You can catch LELO live at Leeds Northern Guitars on Friday June 22 and my heart is particularly drawn to what promises to be a delicious day out at Leeds Wharf Chambers for the Lazy Sunday Afternoon 2018 session starting at 2pm and organised by local band Glass Mountains.

Chris R


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