Rows // Something More

Anyone who likes their music a little lighter and electronic might well find something to enjoy within LA’s band Rows and their newly released 6 track EP Something More. The band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Matt Couchois who a few years ago was part of Chino Hills band Max and the Mood, who to my ears rather had the feel of pre Feel It Now Portugal. The Man. This time round with his new band Rows, I get something of a feel for what Daft Punk might be like if they were a little further along the indie scale.

Something More offers a confident and slightly other worldly touch for a band that has been releasing music for little more than a year. The title track is something of a cathartic experience as it is very reflective tale about the breakup of a relationship and working out where things went wrong; moving from the heartache to picking out the good parts, learning and moving on. The tune gives a smooth comforting rolling ride; it rather feels like the calm spent emotion after a trauma.

While it is not intended to be run as a full stand alone song, An Intro is a nice intelligent piece of electronic music with a floating gentle voice. It also gives some substance to the thought that Rows might really go places with forthcoming releases. Both songs Simplicity and Supernatural on the EP were originally released as single tracks in 2017 and these have more of that bouncy indie meets Daft Punk feel to it; there are similarities to the style of Max and the Mood also. There’s nothing not to like here, but the contrast to the newer Something More shows how much the band have developed in the past 12 months or so.


Chris R


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