Singles in 150 Words: Mute Choir, Election Season

Writing a full song review in 150 words is never easy, it’s made much harder when the track is a 7-minute epic like the new track from Mute Choir, but here goes (in a slightly unorthodox way!)

Minute 1: Almost Alex Gaudino esque trumpet intro, the track drops into a wonderfully hypnotic set of guitar riffs and vocals.

Minute 2: The track builds into a culmination of Stone Roses, Muse and Neil Hannon’s best work – a definitive 60 seconds of music.

Minute 3: Much of the same, whirring guitars and dominant vocals from Sam Arion, track continues to build.

Minute 4: Most musically sound minute of the track – piano and strings create the perfect Verve vibe; easy to get lost in the song at this stage.

Minute 5: After a slower “middle-eight” that lasts 90 seconds, the track rebuilds ready to explode in it’s finale.

Minute 6: Stunning musical composing to close the track. An exceptional piece of music.


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