Loving The Hubbards Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)

When you see those cool open top convertibles spinning round town, why is that they always have naff sounds blaring out; be it cheesy Gansta Rap or Bananarama? Should I ever reach the point where I have more money than sense, one of the tracks that would be banging while I cruise the streets in my refurbished faux zebra print interior 1967 Triumph Spitfire would be the latest summer breeze tune, Your Love Your Love (Your Love) from those inspiring Leeds/Hull boys, The Hubbards.

With each successive single release it feels like The Hubbards are really making strides; perhaps rubbing shoulders with the likes of Foals and The 1975 on tour is helping, but it really seems like these boys are getting the knack of popping out sunny 3 minute (or 3:02 minute in this case) bangers. The mainstream breakthrough can only be a matter of time away.

Should you be in need of an early summer remedy to remedy the taste of the saccharine in the Royal Wedding then grab onto the real edge of The Hubbards. Your Love, Your Love (Your Love) has a very pure sound with nice crisp jangling and busy guitars, expressive emotive vocals from lead singer Reuben Driver and a nicely soaring summery chorus. It’s kind of a mix of the heady carefree and honest days of post-punk but wrapped in the polish of the era of The 1975.

Having reviewed the last Hubbards release, the distinctive Body Confident, it felt then that The Hubbards were really growing into their sound. Your Love, Your Love (Your Love) only continues that development and these boys are going to have quite the summer.

Chris R



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