Single Review: Apollo Junction, Begin

Leeds band Apollo Junction are finally back with their brand new single “Begin” marking both a new sound and their first track release of 2018. Before even starting to review the track in any kind of depth, we have to say right from the off, this is Apollo Junction’s best song to date and we haven’t been able to get it off repeat since first hearing it!

The track kicks off with a synthy-guitar riff which is followed by a verse that very much has echoes of fellow Yorkshiremen, Embrace stylistically. The more I’ve listened to this track it’s difficult not to hear the britpop influences, but Apollo Junction manage to straddle the very fine line between 90s rip-off, and fresh 21st century indie-pop music.

The chorus is an infectious, catchy mix of chords and lyrics that’s very Tim Burgess-esque. The band manage to put their own unique stamp on what is a fairly generic set of chords which makes for pleasurable listening. The middle-eight though is a wonderful section of music; many bands are using this style of song-writing at the moment, ensuring that their track sound can translate to the live stage. The drop in music to isolate the vocal is something that never fails to win over a crowd and the Leeds lads do this to perfection on Begin. 

Think JUDAS, think The Jackobins, the biggest indie-pop bands on the circuit right now, they’re all experimenting with huge riffs, jangly synth and killer vocal hooks and Apollo Junction nail it on their new single. They’re expected to have a big summer and if they carry on in this vain, they’re going to see themselves enjoying great success this year and beyond.

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