Fresh from touring with Lower Than Atlantis, the new band from down-under making serious noises in the pop-punk/rock scene is Aussie band The Faim. Having enjoyed great success in the UK with recent release “Saints of the Sinners”, the five-piece are ready to take on the world with their new brand of music. We caught up with bass player, Stephen Beerkins after their epic set at York Fibbers on the LTA tour. Enjoy!

So, how does it feel to be out on this huge UK run at the moment?

It feels absolutely incredible! We’re so stoked to have our first ever tour be in the UK, and for so long too. We’ve had a blast playing in all the different cities and taking in all the sights that the UK has to offer!

How have you found the reception so far to your live show from the UK crowds?

The crowds here in the UK have been so inviting and enthusiastic about hearing new music. It’s so great to play to an audience made up of music lovers who listen to the support bands prior to the show and make the opening slot a memorable one for us at every show.

And what’s it like being out on tour with the LTA guys?

It’s been so great playing and hanging with the LTA lads over the past 6 weeks. They’re the nicest bunch of dudes that put on an incredible show! We’ve learnt so much from them and can’t wait to catch up again at Slam Dunk Festival!

You’ve had huge success with Saints and the Sinners and of course recently Midland Line – have you been surprised with the reaction to the tracks?

It’s truly an amazing feeling when we receive positive reactions to our music. Whether it be being played on radio, featured in magazines or reading endearing fan responses, we feel so humbled to have the support that we do from sources around the world.

What more can we expect in terms of releases this year to follow them up?

We actually have a new single, Summer Is a Curse just released and we also have many more songs to be released throughout the rest of the year.

You’re track sound is very much compared with bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! but live it’s very different; do you think this is important to avoid the comparisons or do you embrace it?

Being compared to other bands is something that’s inevitable, especially as we have such little music out there for the world to hear. We’re excited to release more music so that people can hear our overall sound which is unique to who we are as a band.

Tracks like Make Believe are very different sounding compared to the first releases, which is more the way you see your sound progressing?

Our genre is extremely diverse, as each song is sonically different to the rest. Growing up with such a broad range of musical influences, we’ve tried to incorporate all of these into the songs we’ve written for this record. This being said, our upcoming releases are a bit of both and everything in between, when compared to the songs we’ve already released.

Where would you like to be in a year’s time from now?

We would love to be somewhere that we wouldn’t have expected to be now! That’s the beauty of what we do; new adventures lie just around the corner and it’s the music that makes it all possible.

How is the current Aussie scene in this genre – I can’t think of too many bands doing what you’re doing?

The music scene for our genre is definitely stronger in other parts of the world. Living in such an isolated city such as Perth, it’s very difficult to visit and play in other cities, as it’s a 5 hour flight to the next major city, instead of an hour or so drive.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

We couldn’t be more excited for all of the festivals that we’re playing this year. We’re privileged enough to be playing Slam Dunk, Download and Reading and Leeds Festival, which are going to be absolutely incredible.

Lastly, describe The Faim in 3 words.

Passionate, Energetic, Real


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