Singles in 150 Words: Manuka Hive, R.E.D

What I love about having an email address that any band can email in their music to is that every now and again, within the 6/10 tracks is a true gem, something I’d have never discovered without running Halfway 2 Nowhere and Manuka Hive‘s track R.E.D fits that description to a t.

At a rapid 2:50mins, the track is a rollercoaster of sound and emotion that takes you on a hazy rock n’ roll journey that you want to last much much longer. Although there are clear comparisons to the big bands of right now such as The Blinders, there is a distinctness to the vocal and layering of R.E.D that I find fascinating.

Whilst the track is fairly consistent with little variation from the central riff, I love the energy and imagine on the live stage, it’ll be like being punched in the face with a wall of noise, especially on the final drop from the middle eight. This is a superb first track and I definitely cannot wait to hear more.

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