Band Interview: Coast to Coast @ Pop-Punk Pile Up 2018

Pop-punk Pile Up 2018 was a great festival held back at the end of April. The weekend was filled with top artists from across the country and whilst we were there we caught up with the guys in Coast to Coast to chat about their plans for the rest of the year, their band ambitions and the pop-punk scene itself.

It’s been over a year now since Coast to Coast released studio recorded music. The Length Of A Smile was the wonderful second EP from the Birmingham band and it sounds like we’re not too far away from new tracks. “We recorded a couple of weeks ago. We actually headed down to Kent and did eight days there recording the new EP. We’ll be heading back for a few more days to get it finished then we’ll be looking for a September/October release.”

The band are getting a really positive reputation for their live show. They have a lot of energy and are really different to what you might expect from a new rock band. “We’ve loved our recent tour with Catch Fire. We’ve done quite a few of these weekenders before with them and they’re top guys.” It seems to be the way forward now that bands share bills to cover the costs and that’s exactly what these guys try to do. “It works really well for us, especially if we play each others home town then a few more.

“Our shows are just getting great though too” said vocalist Kieran Hyland. “Each time we go to a place the crowd gets bigger and pretty much everywhere last time round there was at least 30 people.” Alex added, “We’ve seen venues now where before one or two people were singing our songs but this might be ten now so it’s been really great getting out on the road. Birmingham is obviously always great but Manchester and Bristol always come out for us too which is just incredible.”

I truly believe in these guys, their music is great both recorded and live and when talking to them, they clearly feel they have the quality to make it too. “The ambition I think would be to play Slam Dunk next year. We would absolutely love to do that.” Kieran is aiming higher though; “For me the best thing would be to play main stage at Reading and Leeds, not even headline just play it, that’d be class. Or Australia and America, saying you’ve got that far through writing music would just be the best experience.

The future seems bright for Coast to Coast then but the band don’t get through life so easily when recording. “We all have so many different musical influences and we do disagree a lot when we’re writing and making the tunes. It can be hard but I guess that makes our music better and we all know we’re making the songs we want to write so it’s worth it.”

They’re also genuinely nice guys which makes a big change compared to some of the bands we’ve spoken too recently. Kieran added “We want gigs to be safe places where everyone feels safe. If I had kids I’d want my daughter to want to go to gigs and be okay and enjoy the experience.” Discussing pop-punk specifically with the criticism recently with exploitation and negative experiences for women it was refreshing to see this kind of positive attitude towards changing things.

We finished the interview discussing the future of pop-punk and whether it’s a dying genre. “It’s certainly one that ebbs and flows but I think it’s like that with every genre – I don’t think stuff going on in the scene has helped. We’re trying to hold on but people aren’t helping!”. Alex added “It’s a broad term really, you could be 90s, 00s 10s pop punk but there’s a lot of good bands and they all sound quite similar so you have to set yourself aside. Our vocal is so different and I’d like to think our music is a bit different and with the new tracks we’ve pushed ourselves. We don’t do anything recorded we can’t do live. We want it to be a live gig fully if we can’t do it, why is it on the record kind of thing?”

I loved speaking to the guys and wish them the best for 2018 and the release of their new EP – watch this space for a full review when it’s due to be out and find all of their information at

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