Atlas Wynd mean business with single Helpless

Like an eager lover Atlas Wynd’s second released track of the year Helpless is focussed and means business. There is a nervous frantic energy to the song in its scant 100 seconds play time and it’s all punch and no flab.

Atlas Wynd’s music is towards the heavy rock side of indie and Helpless is no exception to this love with its banging insistent fuzzy riff having something of the feel of the White Stripes or Queens of the Stone Age about it. The band (Peter Chapman (vocals/guitar), Harry Sotnick (drums) and Sam Evans (bass)) explain that the song is about appreciating how even when we think we are in control of life actually we are helpless to the things going on around us. The track (like the rest of a forthcoming EP) was produced by Stripes engineer Liam Watson in his analogue equipped studios, giving the tune a classic and timeless vibe.

Atlas Wynd are based in Brighton for music studies, although the band originated in the North East (there is an Atlas Wynd (street) in Yarm, Cleveland. 2018 has seen the band ratchet things up a gear, and they now host an occasional gig night in their home town with guest bands. While published forthcoming gigs are all Brighton based, the band do make forays up north and gigs are well worth grabbing with both hands.

Chris R



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