Single Review: Deep City Diver, Dream Sequence

Following on from Deep City Diver’s impressively diverse, professional and expansive 2017 released debut album (also called Deep City Diver, reviewed by H2N back in September) the Aussie and Stoke but now London based boys continue their musical journey with what is another complex and pleasing tune; their new single Dream Sequence.

The vocals of Aussie born Ryan Nicolussi play some serious gymnastics on this track as the song weaves from its early jangling and edgy start where Nico’s voice reminds me of mid 80’s Morrissey, then soaring into a strong pleasing croon before incorporating something of a Talking Heads Byrne indie funk rap moment in the centre. Stoke on Trent’s Joe MacMillan (Bass) and Don Davies (Drums) are keeping it tight and bouncing behind Nico’s lead guitar work.

Of course this is a song that is built around a banging guitar riff; musically it’s again the mid 80’s and here other Manchester bands like The Chameleons (who were amazing live back in the day, by the way) that spring to mind. The build up to the end of the song is exquisite; it reminds me of a floor exercise gymnast; the whole piece has been put together and waiting for this finale.

Given the structure of the song it has to be said that Dream Sequence is something of a grower rather than a show-er; it takes a few plays to really appreciate the song for its quality, but like all Deep City Diver tracks it’s well worth checking out.

Deep City Diver are next playing a gig in the Yorkshire Region for the Royal Bedding homeless charity event on 19 May at Sheffield’s Royal Standard. Meantime, you can stream Dream Sequence from the usual suspects but a stunning live clip of the song is available below.

Chris R

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