Singles in 150 Words: Palmes, Soak

Huddersfield band Palmes are back with their first single of 2018, Soak following the release of EP 18A earlier on in the year. Ever maturing their sound, Soak is the most defined track of theirs to date.

The three-piece are quickly becoming accustomed with combining synth and guitar layers, with a powerful vocal and killer riffs. At 4:27, Soak is one of their longer tracks released so far and balances a melodic verse with punchy chorus, a style that seems to work for the band based on past releases.

The middle eight in Soak is quite hypnotic at times with dreamy melodies, dropping the track right down before reaching an impressive crescendo for the final chorus. Although much of Callum Taylors drums are muted in Soak, it doesn’t impact on the track as Ash and Ryan drive the song in a classy way. Sure to be a set standout in future. (HHH)


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