ørmstons: Mexico City, Single Review

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get nervous every time a band I consider my friends send me new music to review. There’s no worse feeling than clicking play for the first time, hoping it’s good because I have serious trouble writing negative reviews about bands I love to pieces. One band I never have to have nerves with though, are Ormstons, who having released Bridgewater Way last year, are a band I feel can only get better and was genuinely excited when I first opened my emails to hear Mexico City for the first time.

In 2017, the Leeds band fronted by Jess Huxham grew massively, and were probably my favourite band to watch blossom and realise their true potential on the live stage. New release Mexico City is a track that needs to be seen live to fully appreciate. Taking a step towards bands like Blossoms and The 1975, the music is much more mature than Bridgewater Way and sounds like a band who are far further in their career than their second single.

Huxham’s vocal begins soft and controlled through the first verse before the music picks up and crescendos into a chorus similar to those of Chvrches just without the heavy synths. Ormstons are clearly a band who have a formula they’re happy to stick to with quiet, melodic choruses, followed by an explosive chorus; a process that worked a treat on Bridgewater Way.

I’d love to see the band experiment a little more with their style of songwriting and become a little less formulaic (I know it’s only their second single!); but now the music and vocals have been elevated to new heights, especially during the refrain and middle eight sections of Mexico City, I feel Jess and the band can really push on this year and be a leading light in the Leeds scene.

A band I can immediately compare Ormstons to is Echosmith, an American Indie Pop band that aren’t as famous as they should be in the UK. The attention to detail on the lyrics is what makes both of these bands stand out and Mexico City is certainly an example of this. With great reviews flying in for Ormstons’ new track, it’ll be exciting to see this performed live and see where the band can take their sound this year.


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