Late Night Legacy announce new drummer Andy Hounslow

Perhaps the best up and coming live band in Yorkshire have just announced the arrival of new drummer Andy Hounslow and we have the lowdown on just who Andy is and why he’s decided to join the crazy guys in Late Night Legacy.

So Andy, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham and I moved to Leeds in 2010 to study Music Production at Leeds Beckett Uni. I’ve been playing drums for around 12 years in a few different bands with varied styles including Indie, Funk and Ska. Overall, I would class myself as a rock drummer but I’ve always had a soft spot for funk.

How did you come across Late Night Legacy then and decide to join the band?

Through a stroke of luck, I stumbled across the lads’ advert one day and followed the link to “Beat Up” on YouTube – I was instantly a huge fan (as we are too!!). The musicianship, style and incredible song-writing really appealed to me, so I listened to the rest of their tracks and added them all to my playlists.

And from there it was destiny I suppose?

I replied to the ad thinking I wouldn’t stand a chance so I’m really grateful they got in touch. After jamming with them, I thought even if I didn’t get offered the position, I’d still be a massive fan. Luckily though, I got the text to say they would like to offer me the position and I was the new drummer for Late Night Legacy! As you can imagine, this was followed by a fairly heavy head the next day after celebrating the good news.

What can we expect from you and the band now you’ve joined?

I’m really looking forward to throwing everything I have into this, creating some amazing music and playing great gigs with a cracking group of mates.

I for one am ridiculously happy for the guys and can’t wait to see what’s coming next, for now though, here’s our review of Beat Up, their last single which you can listen to right below!

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