Cabbage: Live Review, York Crescent

Cabbage this year, finally released their hotly anticipated album Nihilistic Glamour Shots to great reviews and this month, they’ve been on tour in support of that release up and down the country. On April 11th they made a stop at York Crescent, playing to a sell-out crowd in the city’s premier small venue.

Playing a host of tracks from the new album, the band kicked off with a range of new tracks mixed in with fan favourite “Uber Capitalist Death Trade”. The set went off with a bang and the capacity crowd was well up for it, even for a Wednesday night. Now I can’t say I am a huge Cabbage fan; I don’t overly agree with their politics and largely don’t get on with their style of music, but it’s hard not to admire the energy on show from the band.

The band have had their fair share of troubles in the last 12 months, but they are certainly on form tonight. Rattling through tracks, set highlight as always was “Terrorist Synthesizer” which really got the crowd moving and chanting lyrics back. There is a certain charm about a Cabbage live set now. They’ve matured over the last year or so whilst retaining their fun, at times scary, edge they have always had.

Exhibit A provides a different sound, more Libertines-esque in style and is a welcome addition to the set. Lee and Joe as always were as strong as each other vocally and the band were as good as I’ve seen them from a musical point of view. Fan fave Dinner Lady and the killer single Necroflat in the Palace were additional highlights with “I was born in the NHS, I wanna die in the NHS” possibly the best line on the night. They continued with energy throughout the entire, fast-paced set and whilst I didn’t go away a fan of their music; I did go away thinking these lads are on the cusp of breaking into the industry as something completely different. Cabbage are a band that will continue to grow and mature and it’s great seeing the progress they’ve made in 12 months, who knows where they’ll be this time next year.

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