The Navettes – SLOW

Up until 2016, I held the steadfast opinion that guitar music was the only music worth considering in life. Since then though, the bands who have been pushing the boundaries of the music industry have been those that combine that quality guitar music, with synth-pop. Take Chvrches, Spector and more recently Thirty Seconds to Mars as examples, this is the genre and style that festival headline bands will be fitting in over the next few years. The newest band taking on this synth-pop-rock style are The Navettes hailing from Manchester, the home of indie guitar rock.

New single SLOW is a huge throwback to the eighties with synth-rock guitars providing the base throughout. Much like Taylor Swift’s 1989, the music is a wonderful complement to the female vocal which soothes listeners and creates a kind of easy listening rarely heard in the mainstream recently. Abbey and the band work so harmoniously, the track feels like it was put together in one take, such is the effortless sound that comes across in SLOW. 

Being a critic, the track never really goes anywhere. There are heightened drums in the final third, but overall the track is a pretty solid piece that is made more for listening than exciting. You often hear the phrase dream-pop thrown about in the music industry now and I certainly feel that SLOW fits into that perfectly. It’s made for late nights, with the lights down, with a large gin and tonic, forgetting about the troubles of work and life. The track’s about taking things slow, and it’s hard to do anything with much energy when listening to the song; The Navettes have created a fantastic, dreamy song and is a great step away from their previous releases.

Having already played many of Manchester’s most prestigious venues, the band are clearly on the rise and I’m excited for future shows and music from the band this year.

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