Kashmere drop great new tracks Codeine and Toyko

Our favourite Stockport electo indie doom boys Kashmere are having a busy spring. As well as drop a couple of class tunes onto an unsuspecting public, the band are currently on tour to introduce their new bassist Freddie Hughes.

The April released track Toyko follows the band’s 2018 move to slightly lighter and poppish territory. This is a song with an insanely catchy beat, deep swirling flow, and continues the Kashmere pattern of producing anthemic tunes with a divinely banging live performance in mind. Indeed, Toyko is a track that has been a live favourite for a while. Here Joey Newey’s soulful vocals remind me somewhat of Dave Gahan, and there is something of the deep still waters of Depeche Mode in the tune.

The other Kashmere track released this year is the wildly bouncing Codeine, a song that has snuggled happily into my walk to work playlist, and is showing no signs of leaving. Again, this is a lighter concoction with a delicious riff and flowing sound from the guitars of Newey and lead guitarist Charlie Cole.  While Codeine presents something of a chilled Kashmere, I still get a sense of a giant perhaps taking a breather; the strength and menacing  hardness of the band still lies just below the surface where the solid beat of Andy Law’s drums comes through.

The two 2018 releases help continue the momentum created by the 2017 Kashmere bangers Hoxton and Porcelain and show the band as a continuing major force in the Manchester indie scene. One of my favourite live performers, Kashmere know how to put on a cool and hard show. It’s worth selling your grannies teeth for tickets for one or more of their forthcoming shows in the Yorkshire region.

Catch Kashmere at Cafe Totem in Sheffield Saturday April 14th, at the Leeds Lending Rooms on the 21 April and at Manchester’s Night People on the 28th.

To whet your appetite there’s a great You Tube video of the band playing live at Pirate Studios from last December containing banging live versions of these new tunes.

Chris R

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