Bob Douglass and The Frequency – Good Intentions

The Newcastle music scene is one that is dynamic, ever-changing and above all exciting. With numerous new festivals and venues taking on live music, the North East is certainly one of the places to be when it comes to new music. One band who are sticking to music that has always been popular though, is Bob Douglass and the Frequency, a band making traditional indie-pop rock that both entertains and excites.

Bob himself is an artist who has been in bands across the city for over 10 years and is someone who clearly bleeds passion for music and creating what he loves. Describing his current bands style as “assorted indie rock”, their recent single Good Intentions is a track that cries out that “despite the best intentions, we’re all capable of taking advantage of those that we love.”

The track itself is a happy indie pop track with plenty of crowd interaction opportunities. Strangely the song, and the band wouldn’t be out of place at a festival such as Slam Dunk with its pop-punk elements but likewise the band could quite comfortably be supporting anyone from Louis Tomlinson to Busted in the pop world. Good Intentions isn’t a track that is overly different to anything I’ve heard before, but that is certainly typical of the genre Bob and his band are operating in right now. There are enough hooks and pop riffs to make it an enjoyable track but realistically, to make any ground in a competitive market, Bob Douglass and the Frequency are going to have to up their game!

This Summer the band might just do that though with the release of their 5 track EP. What I can only hope for the band is that they’ve gone away and improved their music. I like Good Intentions, I listen to it regularly and enjoy it; but in a harsh market, it’s going to take a big leap of faith in Bob and his bands ability to make it to the next level!

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