Avalanche Party // Porcelain

There are a few heavy indie bands on the live circuit at the minute that laugh loudly in the face of crazy with a sweaty, crowd surfing, get-dirty-with-the-locals performance. Avalanche Party are one of those providing a service more gratifying than sex and their efforts are clearly designed to ensure their audience go home with mad loopy grins on their faces. So when I discovered that those North York Moors boys were releasing a 250 limited edition of a beautiful 4 track 12 inch red vinyl, wrapped in a groovy black and white cover designed by their keyboard man Glen, showcasing their new single Porcelain, dear reader I was on it in a heartbeat.

In a recent review, Avalanche Party referenced a heap of obscure influences (including a band I adored back in the day: The Screaming Blue Messiahs) and explained they had also suckled on all those classic 60’s UK rock bands seeped in original R’n’B. It is clear that the wild open moors, the rough east coast seascape and this ingrained love of rough music has percolated into their particularly engaging in your face style.

Porcelain starts with a grubby frantic guitar sound, wild rolling keys and quickly builds up towards its reckless, loose and lazy feral garage prime. Jordan Bell’s vocals have a wonderfully intense desperation as he promises his love whatever they want and intones; To make you happy, I’ll redefine your notion of the best a man can be”. You just know this is a relationship that isn’t going to end well but there’s no telling this loved up man with his sad desperate intensity; in any case we are only sharing a frantic four minutes of the very best part of this all consuming melding. Jordan’s raw Iggy vocals help make the track bang it.

If Porcelain wasn’t enough, also on the vinyl are some of the band’s recent glories. I’m So Wet has something of the genius and wild focus of a male Patti Smith to it and Solid Gold which sounds like a mad Stone Roses on a good day. The final track is I Came Across The Water, and isn’t a track I’ve seen available on-line anywhere, so you have to risk playing that gentle, precious bit of vinyl to hear it.

Avalanche Party have a few upcoming live dates in the Yorkshire area including at Leeds Lending Rooms on 14 April, Manchester Jimmys on April 20th and they are part of the stellar line up at this year’s Live at Leeds on May 5th and Newcastle’s Hit The North on May 6th.

Grab your last chance to pick up one of those delightful Avalanche Party 12 inchers. and catch the Avalanche Party Video I’m So Wet.

Chris R

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