Flocking to see Germany’s Giant Rooks

The Eurovision Song Contest and European tourist bars leave a lot to answer for. Unless you scratch a little deeper you might be forgiven for thinking the music of continental Europe is largely about ropy five year out of date dance music or jingly jangly feel good pop music; of course we all know better.

Young Hamm (Germany) based Giant Rooks five piece are doing their bit to prove that thoughtful and intelligent indie remains alive and current across the continent with their New Estate EP and forthcoming 5 dates in the UK as part of their ongoing 23 venue tour of Europe. With towards a quarter of a million monthly hits on Spotify Giant Rooks are no small deal.

Giant Rooks have been kicking against stereotypes since 2015, with their brand of annoyingly catchy and accessible indie rock. I’m kind of reminded of a mix between Mumford and Sons (after the posh Kings College pseudo country boys ditched the banjos) and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Of course that’s a heady mix that will make for a storming live gig.

The most recent recording, the five track EP New Estate give a good representation of the band. Opener and title track New Estate is a pleasant, quality crafted slice of tuneful and optimistic sounding indie pop with a lyric about the magic and mystery of a long relationship. Bright Lies offer a more serious and reflective side to the band; again the music is high quality and the vocals of Frederik Rabe have a pleasing slight edge but soothed with honey. I must confess I’ve not tried to over think the meaning of the lyrics but there is some good oblique imagery. Slow meanwhile is quite the lush musical feast and again while it has a reflective pace, the bouncy optimism of the band is ever present.

If you like your indie, poppy, light and melodic then I will promise that these particular Giant Rooks won’t leave a mess on your patio.

Of the five forthcoming Spring 2018 tour dates, the North of England is well represented.

  • Mar 20: The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
  • Mar 21: Old Blue Last, London
  • Mar 22: The Lending Room, Leeds
  • Mar 23: The Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
  • Mar 24: Cafe Totem, Sheffield

There’s some fun clips of the guys live on tour in the UK on their official video for the track Mia & Keira (Days to Come)

Chris R

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