Twist Helix // Ouseburn Single Review

“Born out of the hip bars and rundown rehearsal rooms of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley, synth-pop band Twist Helix are fascinated with the exploration of place and its relation to creativity and identity.”

Last year, one of the breakout synth-pop bands in the North of England was Geordie outfit Twist Helix; now they’re back with their first release of 2018, Ouseburn.

Similar to previous release Pulse, Ouseburn takes heavy influence from 80s pop whilst taking key lessons from bands such as Chvrches and HAIM. We seem to be consistently writing about brand new genres and styles not seen before, and Twist Helix may have defined their own genre with this latest release.

Referencing everything from local bands to graffiti tags that you can find around the Ouseburn area, the track is a love song about home; about being a DIY band; and above all sticking to the bands’ roots and doing what they love the most. The electro-pop/dream-pop/electronica-synth style that the band have crafted over several releases now, reaches it’s true potential on Ouseburn and has put the band in a great position to kick on and make their mark on the UK scene with their sound.

The track begins with an almost, nu-age Courteeners type riff, with jingly keys before the driving vocal kicks in. This is the most powerful and accomplished release to date from Twist Helix and is probably the first of theirs I’d play on repeat for an extended period of time. Whilst I feel the band could bring in a few extra guitar notes to build the track and at times it feels over-layered, the track is well produced and is an exciting piece of music. They’re a band that graft and have put the hours in to get where they are; the chorus on this new track must have been worked on so many times to be so catchy and they can expect it to be sung back to them live on shows in 2018. Ouseburn has a dreamy middle eight section before being brought back by vocalist Bea and my only major criticism is the track doesn’t go on longer. When performed live, the track provides ample opportunity for the band to riff and get lost in their own music and I really hope they do so.

You can catch them in Newcastle next weekend at one of their favourite venues Little Buildings as well as at Stockton Calling at the end of the month! Check out the track right here and get ready for the bands debut album coming very soon!!!

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