Citrus Heights // Lovers Single Review

From the first time I heard Citrus Heights, I wasn’t sure I understood the direction they wanted to take their music. I liked what I heard, but the vast array of influences and genres clashed and weren’t defined as well as they should have been. 2018 though, feels like a new year for Citrus Heights. Their latest single Lovers shows huge steps towards establishing a sound and is a far better effort than their previous releases.

If you wanted to describe the new track in a few words, you’d say it was like The 1975 with real soul. The motown vibe that runs throughout the track is a really fresh sound to the current popular market, and Citrus Heights have brought in a late 1950’s vibe to a very 2010s pop-style song. As the track progresses, you do begin to worry where the guitars have gone, but by the chorus, the band bring the track right back to what they do best; writing catchy riffs, with a power pop core driven by vocalist Jamie.

It’s a simple track but is executed very well and will be a killer live favourite when the fans have learnt it. The jangly keys and guitar hooks combine throughout the track, creating a solid, fun, bouncing indie anthem that would fit in at any major UK festival this summer. You almost want to be transported to the beach with a Long Island Ice Tea with Lovers on full blast with your mates as that’s what I feel when I hear this song; ridiculously relaxed but in the mood to have a good time.

Compared to many of the tracks on Honesty, Lovers adds depth to the bands setlist and is a great foundation track for the band to build a real distinct sound. I hope Lovers is the start of something great for Citrus Heights as up until now I haven’t believed that they were anywhere near their potential; this song is a huge step towards it and I personally cannot wait to see where the guys go next.


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