Georgie // Live Review + Q&A // Leeds Grand Theatre

It’s no easy task opening an acoustic show. That is for certain no matter who’s show it is. When the show is that of probably the best acoustic musician in the UK right now, Jake Bugg, that only makes the task harder. Taking on that responsibility on Bugg’s UK run currently, is Georgie, a singer-songwriter from Mansfield who is one of Bugg’s biggest tips for success one day.

Georgie’s set is one that both confused and dazzled me at the same time. Confused because she had one of the most true, pure voices I’ve heard in some time; reminding me of early Taylor Swift vocals at times, it’s farcical that Georgie isn’t a household name yet. “Hard Times” is a stunning track that could be taken from the old country singers back catalogue but unlike the commercial artist Swift is today, you feel Georgie is an artist that sticks to her roots, sticks to what her heart says, and her songs reflect that.

Wildcat and new single Too Much TV offer upbeat, rock n’ roll acoustic stompers that light up the set. Like Gin Wigmore or Elle King, Georgie gets the room tapping their feet and clapping to the more Jake Bugg-esque tracks within her set.  Too Much TV is by far Georgie’s most radio friendly song to date, but the full acoustic rendition she played live on Sunday night, brought it right back to what I love about her and her music; giving it real life and real feeling which is lacking on the recorded version.

Whilst Jake Bugg’s performance was steady, composed and not far off world class, Georgie showed throughout her set, how close she is to reaching her potential and the level Jake Bugg was when he first started. The brand new EP “Too Much TV” is out in April and we can only recommend you go and buy it, stream it and find your new favourite acoustic artist.

In Conversation With….Georgie

You’re on tour with the legend that is Jake Bugg, how did that come about and what are your ambitions for the tour?
He invited me to play four shows with him in London 2016 I think it was. And he’s invited me back for the third time now so yeah very thankful! I’m learning so much too. From showmanship to musicianship so that’s great. It’s nice to be stealing his fans too haha! They’re lovely crowds to play for so really enjoying it.
So you’ve just released your EP – how does it feel to finally have it out there?
Yeah amazing, Too Much TV is a song that I wanted to put out as soon as I wrote it. So yeah it’s lovely to finally share it.
The EP’s called Too much TV- what’s the EP about and what inspired you to write it?
The EP is very personal to me but also of social importance too. Young people to are pressured into these huge expectations of life and some times that pressure doesn’t allow people to really find themselves while their young. I think it’s almost expected that young people should have a mortgage, a car a well payed job really young. Nothing wrong with those things but the pressure of it I think gets misunderstood causing some people to lose track and lose themselves too. I’ve been in that position of watching to much TV and getting drunk and feeling so guilty about it haha!
Is this going to be your only release of 2018 or can we expect more Georgie?
Definitely not, the rest of the EP is out in two weeks and there’s so much music on the way after that too. The wait won’t be as long as last year haha!
Our favourite track on the EP is by far “Be The Fire” – what do you think makes this track stand out against the others?
Thank you , I don’t know haha it’s the oldest song on the EP maybe I captured something then.
What was the recording process like for you on this EP? 
Well all the songs were recorded in different studios at different times. Too Much TV is actually the writing demo that was recorded in London. Be the fire was recorded in Nottingham and Wild Cat was recorded with Matthew E White in Richmond Virginia USA so it’s a real mix which I think is cool. I chose these to go on the EP and I think each song captures something different but they somehow all string together.
Obviously you’ve built a good reputation of being a solid live artist – what do you feel gives you the edge though on your recorded music?
I write all the time so releasing music all the time is important to me and hopefully people relate to the songs. My music is honest and maybe people will get that from listening to the recordings.
You started your life out with ambitions of being a footballer – what changed in you to make the switch to music?
I literally fell in love with music straight away, as soon as I picked up the guitar I was like wow this is what I want to do so I hung up the boots. I still love football but music was so special to me.
And how are you finding the world of football right now? Exciting or just a world of commercialisation that’s become boring?
Haha it’s very commercialised in the premiership, lots of money and anyone without it is going to struggle. But saying that look at Leicester that was super exciting I loved that. I’m a Liverpool fan and things are looking good for us so that’s a reason to be happy haha. Klopps a great character too!
Do you feel like you’ve crafted the sound you’re going for now or are you continually working on it?
Both I’ve crafted my sound to make it what it is today but that’s something I believe I’ll keep doing! Music is an ever changing thing but it’s important not to lose what you set out to do in the first place!
If you had the power to change one thing within the music industry, what would it be and why?
Get rid of numbers. Not make it about how many streams or followers people have but purely about if it’s a good tune or not. Give bands opportunities too!
Lastly – where would you like to be in 1 year’s time from now?
On tour again. Releasing more music maybe have an album out! A headline tour would be cool too!

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