Bengal Lancers – Eclipse

Eclipse is London based band Bengal Lancers first single of 2018 and it’s an impressively intense song about the mixed raw emotion following a break up. The vocal delivery of lead singer Harry Sullivan has an increasingly desperate anxiety about it as he explains what a complete part of his life his former love was. “You were the sun, you are the moon”, he explains in the lyrics.

Meanwhile the music from the rest of the band, Max Hutchins, Charlie Hawkins and Aidan Wickham starts slow but builds up its intensity to match the frantic vocal delivery of the song, as a mad hopefulness emerges that despite everything perhaps things might just get back to normal. The lyrics move to a desperate call: “Turn back, you are blocking out the light”. This heady mix of developed lyricism and progressive intuitive musical backing places Bengal Lancers on my “ones to watch out for” list.

The Bengal Lancers have been going strong for six years or so with their roots at Lancaster University. Since this time they have developed a polished and very engaging alt-rock sound through a hard program of live gigs and an octet of singles which show increasing accessibility and development over the past 3-4 years. A fourth band member (Aidan Wickham) joined in 2017 and this produced a more complete sound. Here with Eclipse the music is clear and the sweeping chorus gives a bright accessibility to what might otherwise be a dark and depressing theme.

Give Eclipse a listen at all the usual streaming places including Spotify and

Chris R


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