TAMSYN // In Love Or Insane?

Describing their sound as distinct, upbeat and romantic, TAMSYN, are the latest set of Manchester lads to try and break into the music industry. Heavily influenced by classic rock and 90s Britpop, the four-piece today released brand new single IN LOVE OR INSANE? with a launch gig at Jimmy’s in Manchester.

‘In Love Or Insane?’ is about being in an intense, destructive relationship where despite the love you have for someone you start to question whether it is worth sacrificing yourself for. Fitting then that the release was held off until Valentines Day, the song is a strong effort that has moments of brilliance among the melancholy melody typical of the Smiths and Morrissey.

In Love or Insane? is a track that won’t light up a live set any time soon given the relaxed nature of the song writing and melody; what the track does do however, much like The Cure used to do, is make you hit repeat over and over again. It’s easy listening yet exciting enough to make you want to go back and learn every lyric (something I now have done!). The middle eight is the highlight as the band builds the track before the final chorus and shows the real potential the band have and makes us very excited for their future releases in 2018.

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