Live: Spring King – Crescent, York

Post-punk foursome Spring King visited the York Crescent venue this week on their nationwide run of dates. With the weather below freezing outside it would have been justifiable to see a small crowd turn out, especially given York’s infamously bad music scene but that certainly wasn’t the case. A bumper crowd braved the cold weather to see Spring King deliver an energy filled, rousing set comprising largely of 2016 album Tell Me If You Like To as well as a few older tracks and upcoming releases.

Wasting no time getting going, the band opened with our personal favourite track DETROIT. Sounding very similar to Frank Iero’s more recent material, Spring King established themselves early on and got into the swing immediately. The crowd were bouncing and up for it from the off which set up a beautiful night with the Manc band.

Throughout the set, Spring King drew on numerous sounds from Springsteen all the way to emo-rock bands like My Chemical Romance. The lack of lead guitar from the large majority of tracks made for interesting listening – focusing more on the huge riffs and vocal energy of leader Tarek Musa, the band were very solid throughout without being overly ambitious. Whilst at times I found myself drifting off when some of the songs were beginning to sound a little similar, I was always drawn back simply by looking at the four guys on stage who seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Every quality Musa vocal was complemented by 1 or 2 wonderful harmonies that were as tight as they come. Song after song the crowd grew in confidence and admiration for the band and reached their pinnacle on CITY and album title track “TELL ME IF YOU LIKE TO”. Musa instructed the crowd to “lose their shit” and what ensued was nothing but carnage.

The band rifled through their short back catalogue before reaching set highlight WHO ARE YOUProbably their best recorded to track to date, Spring King did not disappoint in their live performance. With the liveliness of The Vaccines and the composed harmonies of Marsicans, Spring King proved they are in a great place to make waves in the industry in 2018. The band will never win any awards for amazing song writing, but what they will, and have begun to get a reputation for is being a quirky, honest, no bullshit band that give crowds exactly what they want. With VANT being the front runner within this genre now on hiatus, this leaves a huge gap for Spring King.

All in all, Spring King are a package worth buying into and could be that band you tell your grand children you saw before they were big. Spring King are a lot of fun but with a great attitude for making brilliant live music and their set will be remembered for a long time for the 200 or so people in York last night.

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