The Harriets well on their way to big things with latest release “Harriet Who?”

Leeds-based power pop band The Harriets are back with their third release, Harriet Who?, along with a headline gig at Belgrave Music Hall on the 3rd March 2018 and a further series of live dates around the North of England.

The band are back following a successful 2017 which included sets at Bingley Festival and being chosen by independent industry expert judges such as Alan Raw from BBC Introducing and the organisers of festivals End Of The Road and Tramlines to work with Higher Rhythm as part of their Breakthrough development programme.

The Harriet Who?, released this February, is a continuous piece of music containing two individual singles, showcasing the band’s accomplished songwriting in diverse genres, as well as their spirit of experimentation. The Intro track, begins with door opening and keys being put down; what follows is a 60s style radio broadcast spoken word segment and acoustic accompaniment, making you wonder what’s going to follow.

Harriet Who is the first full length track on the new release and the word diverse doesn’t even get close to describing The Harriets’ sound on this song. The track could be plucked right out the late 60s, early 70s, post Roses 90s and yet Harriet Who sounds so fresh and current in todays scene. Television is a track that, irritatingly, sounds rather simialar to the lead track but does still have some moments of pleasant listening. Bands like Man and the Echo are having success with this kind of music right now, there seems to be a 60s pop/country renaissance happening within a niche market within the music industry and The Harriets could slot in just nicely in 2018.

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