Runaway Hounds – Sophie

Runaway Hounds are an unsigned, emerging Indie-Rock act from Wolverhampton who’s new track ‘Sophie’ is a slick, finely tuned anthem of the genre, and a must listen for fans of the likes of Catfish And The Bottlemen, Peace, and Swim Deep. The band consists of Owen Stav (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Kent Stav (Guitar), Dan Glover (Bass), Callum Ford (Drums).

‘Sophie’ opens with a rocking, yet subtly mellow, earworm of a riff which oozes Indie-Rock vibes, reminiscent of some of the later tracks from Catfish And The Bottlemen’s The Ride. However, it was Owen Stav’s vocals that really drove the track for me, singing the lead with vibrancy and emotion in a style that for some reason I couldn’t help think of as Morrissey meets the Vaccines, which really works.

For me, the new single ‘Sophie’ demonstrates a marked step forward in confidence for the band from their last track ‘Rattlesnake’. Whilst ‘Rattlesnake’ was a well-crafted track, both Owen Stav’s lead vocals and the band’s backing vocal tracks are seemingly sung with much more enthusiasm which makes the track really grab you in a more powerful way than I found with ‘Rattlesnake’.

I’m very keen to see what Runaway Hounds come up with in the future. If they continue to grow in confidence and perhaps move away from some of the more overt influences of Catfish And The Bottlemen then the band will definitely be one to watch. You can catch Runaway Hounds at one of their upcoming gigs: Wolverhampton: Newhampton Arts Centre 02/02/18 supporting Lakhota and London: Notting Hill Arts Club 10/02/18 supporting Montrell. Also, you can follow their Facebook page to keep up to date with their releases and gigs.

Patrick Clarke


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