Leeds band Backspace offer much more than a Final Shout

The late Radio 1 legend John Peel was influential in British music for decades and even today some 13 years after his death, I usually listen to a new track with the vague thought of “what would John do?” swilling around in the back of my mind. A band I know Peel would have fully championed for their energy, pure quality, and beautiful simplicity would be young fresh Leeds/Guiseley band Backspace.

The band recently released their first tracks onto Soundcloud. Final Shout has a real low fi late 1970’s indie feel. In terms of style, I am somewhat reminded of the magnificent sweeping space and bare starkness of the cultish Young Marble Giants, although the music genre is slightly different. Lead vocalist Rosie has a great clear and honest delivery while the musical backdrop is solid rolling guitar and drums. What is pleasing to me is this young band got a reasonable sound on this track, and then having achieved it there may be a temptation to produce a safe but slightly repetitious 3 minutes, but here there is a pleasing fuzz and riff to the guitar before its close to further up the game. Don’t Stunt Your Growth again has a feel for pure original new wave and despite the song having a stomping quality the music once again also has that sparse and space quality, and with some nice guitar work to keep it interesting. There’s something of the pomp of a band like L.A Witch here.

Backspace are a Guiseley based indie rock band, formed by school friends Harry, Alex, Rosie, Miles and Harry. Their song writing skills won them the Airborough Battle of the Acts competition in 2017. Since then the band have performed at the Guiseley Music festival and have been in the studio recording a number of tracks for their self titled EP.

I was keen to contact the band to find out a little more:

“We all met at Guiseley School which has a great reputation for music and has been really supportive, giving us rehearsal time and opportunities to perform live, but we really want to get out and play for a wider audience. Apart from having to go to school the biggest challenge we face is finding somewhere to play (the band range from 13-15yrs) as a lot of places have age restrictions. But we already have a number of gigs in the pipeline and hope to get more lined up over the coming months” said Harry. “We’re playing in Bradford on 10th February with Sleepy Jake & the Duvets and at Eccup Beer Festival on 19th May”

As for influences, the band cite an eclectic mix ranging from The Pixies, Arctic Monkeys and Green Day through to Ed Sheeran, but they don’t look to copy anyone “We’re into loads of music and it all rubs off, but hopefully people will think we have our own sound”. 2018 is set to be an exciting year for the band as they increase their live exposure on the local scene.

If you intend to see Backspace live in Bradford on 10 February then check out their Facebook page to get the full details. It’s at the School of Rock and Media, 5 Cater Street, Little Germany:

The first two songs, Don’t Stunt Your Growth and Final Shout, are available now on SoundCloud

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