Living a Little with The Very Lazy Sundays

Although we like to devour our very full share of dark and heavy at H2N, music doesn’t always have to be hard and we can pamper our softer side with the best of them. So when Reading and Tring based band The Very Lazy Sundays dropped us their latest EP Live a Little to listen to, it was time to slip off the Birkenstock 8 eye black boots, kick back on the sofa, close our eyes and take an honest reflective listen.

With the first track we immediately slipped into a Paul Simon Graceland vibe complete with a cod Africa beat. It’s a gentle love song with solid guitar work. It’s a very creditable piece that works for everyone and I can picture the likes of Radio 2’s Jo Whiley getting into this kind of groove. This main track from the EP is Suzanne, a tribute to vocalist Diyar’s missus.

Next up is a more edgy but equally quiet song, Suzies-House, with something of a reflective Streets rap vibe, mixed with a gentle 70’s US west coast US feel; that guitar reminds me of one of my favourite all time bands Love, while the vocals are kind of 70’s Clapton. Overall, there’s something of that timeless Ben Harper relaxed cool thing going on. Again, there’s some very strong music and acoustic guitar on the track and it’s a song that works.

The Very Lazy Sundays are Lead Singer Diyar, George (Lead Guitar maestro), Dunk on Bass and vocals and Pete on Cajon and vocals. I get the impression the band are largely older professionals who keep their hand in the music world as part time musicians; simply enjoying the vibe of making music together after work and gigging to share a good time.

To close this very pleasant EP is the track Stronger. There’s some more of that laid back Ben Harper and Paul Simon feel to this track. It’s another gentle love song about how love makes you stronger. The Very Lazy Sundays regularly gig around their local hinterland and I can imagine they put on a good and entertaining performance and they mix it up with a bit of poetry too. The Very Lazy Sundays keep their music original and get people out to enjoy it live; these folk of the Home Counties are on to a good thing.

Chris R


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