Demons of Ruby Mae – To be Adored

I’m a sucker for a good voice, and so 2017’s dramatically stirring sonic synth track Someday from Manchester grown duo Demons of Ruby Mae made me sit up straight. Perhaps Someday was just a little too serious and roomy for my taste for me to love it, but it made me want to look out for Demons of Ruby Mae’s follow up releases. January 2018 sees the guys release a livelier and even grander track To Be Adored. Don’t just take my word for it; in the three weeks since release To Be Adored has already gained about 80% of the plays the older Someday achieved on Spotify so there is little doubt this is a band on the up. H2N isn’t the only fanzine to have picked up on the beat; Clash, Line of Best Fit, Q magazine and Louder Than War have all rated tracks by Demons of Ruby Mae.

Those into the likes of The xx and some of the current bands in the vanguard of the electronic-pop side of alternative (Stereo Honey and Cape Cub come to mind) will not be disappointed by checking out Demons of Ruby Mae.

Musically To be Adored has something of a summer feel good to it and it was no surprise to discover it was recorded on the lazy Normandy French coast during the hot months last year. It always amazes me when artists can hold onto tracks this good for six months without sharing them. From the off there’s a cool little back beat, and then a warm slightly metallic vocal before it sweeps almost into a Coldplay chorus with its interchanging but complimenting lead vocal. The song lyrics of this track might feel a little self-centred with its central refrain of To Be Adored  and our need to belong and to be loved but in the end I felt it was a rather cosy sentiment.

Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley make up Demons of Ruby Mae, and there’s a chance to see how these guys measure up live in the North of England at the top of their game. They are one of my favourite Manchester pubs, The Castle in the Northern Quarter on Thursday February 22nd, at Newcastle’s legendary Think Tank, underground at the Head of Steam on Saturday 24 February and in Leeds Oporto on Tuesday 27 February.

Chris R

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