No Liars – Guilt Trp

After having never reviewed an artist from Canada on Halfway 2 Nowhere, in recent months we’ve been picking up on more and more artists from North America that are making some killer music. The next on our hunt to find Canada’s best new artist is No Liars, the Victoria based punk band due to release debut album The Cause and The Cure later this year.

New single Guilt Trip is the second single that will feature on the record and is a big forward step musically from the band. Being a song about isolation and regret, the track is more considered and melodic than previous releases. If there’s one thing that’s typical of this genre, it’s that songs that mean a lot more to bands are often their best releases. Guilt Trip. fits this hypothesis, being the best release from the band to date.

The song is one that everybody can relate to. “It’s about that feeling of not being able to say that certain something to a certain someone before it’s too late and then having that weigh heavily upon yourself thinking… “I could have done this differently.” There isn’t a single person who hasn’t felt that before and because of that, the song resonates with me and makes me really feel something. 

The problem with punk and pop-punk genres is it has become increasingly hard to distinguish between artists due to songs sounding so similar. Whilst at times Guilt Trip sounds like everything that has ever gone before it, the work that No Liars have put into the lyrics and the backing production does make it stand out within a crowd and they are slowly developing a unique sound within a saturated genre.

Halfway 2 Nowhere is looking forward to the new record that is out later this year; watch this space as we may be on the cusp of seeing the next punk band break this market that is so difficult to do.

Adam Graver

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