Marla Singer prove indie-rock isn’t the only genre alive in Manchester

Since the early 90’s it’s been difficult for any band that isn’t producing four chord indie music to break through into the main stream. It’s always refreshing then, when a new band comes on our radar that is subverting the North-West stereotype and taking a new direction with their music. Marla Singer are a new rock band taking more influence from Pearl Jam than Oasis that are trying to break that mould and emerge as the next big rock n’ roll band from Manchester.

Towards the end of 2017, the band released a set of demo’s to SoundCloud including Shoot Me Down their first full release. The track is a grungy effort that excels when the band come together on the chorus to provide some real, energetic power, reminiscent of Chris Cornell’s Soundgarden. The track is largely vocal driven, with the melody running as a supplement to the lyrics provided by front man Daniel Auerbach.

Musically the track hits the right notes when the band are either singing together, or the guitars are isolated away from the vocals. The band have a way to go in crafting a way to make both of them fit in perfect harmony as it seems currently it has to be one or the other to really work. That being said, the whole track is a comprehensive effort from a band starting out and if this is just the start, then I’m really excited to see where Marla Singer can go next. There are some real areas of brilliance on Shoot Me Down that when isolated and worked on, will make for some special tracks in 2018 and beyond.

Adam Graver

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