Covent – Heaven Knows

Halfway 2 Nowhere has built a fairly solid reputation covering top upcoming indie bands, but anyone who paid attention to our Top 40 recently will notice we’re a sucker for heavier genres. It was difficult then, to ignore Covent’s latest release “Heaven Knows” when it came across our radar.

The Yorkshire based three-piece take inspiration from a host of metal and punk influences including Alice in Chains and Title Fight so it was safe to assume Heaven Knows was an EP not for faint ears. The five tracks on Covent’s debut EP are made up of big riffs with even bigger vocal numbers that come together to form a solid effort from the Leeds lads.

Track openers Alleviate and Deviate were released in 2017 and put Covent on the map. With grungy alternative sounds running throughout the songs, Covent bring together typical pop-punk vocal styles with 90s Nirvana style melodies. A mix that would ordinarily sound like a carcrash waiting to happen, but such are the production and the chord progressions, they manage to pull it off to great effect.

At times in Alleviate and in particular Patience, the vocal, driven by David Lees is so strong I actually got goosebumps the first time hearing the songs. The overall approach from Covent on this EP seems to be, to make the music they want to listen too. Heaven Knows is an easy listening grunge track…let that sink in. It’s a ridiculously tight melodic song that would please most ears, but their subtle heavier influences inspire a fantastic track and by far the EP highlight.

Title track Heaven Knows is largely a departure from the Nirvana driven melodies heard to that point on the EP. The track is much more guitar driven than the previous three and is a welcome addition to the recording. Tones of Pearl Jam and The Ramones come through strongly on Heaven Knows and the track overall is much more considered and controlled, in anticipation for the eruption halfway through.

Worn concludes the EP and begins in a very different fashion again; returning to more cantabile style like Alleviate. At 5:18mins, it’s the longest track on the EP and deserves every second of recording. With the biggest hooks of the 5 songs and the catchiest chorus, this should be a clear set-ender or opener on Covent live shows. Whilst at times when I close my eyes all I can hear is early Goo-Goo Dolls (not an insult!) the track proves that the band have found a sound they are happy with. It brings the EP to a suitable close.

All the tracks have unique elements but come together well and have culminated in Heaven Knows, a great debut EP. As the band improves, it would be good to see them experiment with sounds and move away from their safety zone and one dimensional tones. This genre, however lends itself to the way in which Covent have approached Heaven Knows, and I’m sure all fans, including now myself, are highly anticipating what’s coming next from this Yorkshire band.

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