In Conversation With…Vuromantics

This March, Sheffield band Vuromantics head out on their biggest UK tour to date, taking in eight huge nights including a show at London O2 Academy2 Islington. In 2017 the band amassed numerous shows across the country and they are set to build on their success in 2018. We caught up with Sam Christie (Lead Singer) before they embark on their tour to discuss recording plans, the tour itself and who he tips to breakout in 2018.

Happy new year to Vu! 2017 was a big year for the band, what were the standout points for you?

Many thanks and happy new year to the H2N team too! 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for Vuromantics, we only launched the band in March and since then we managed to complete 6 tours in which time we covered most of the major cities in the country, often 2 or 3 times. I think all the guys would agree that there has been many standout gigs but one in particular that comes to mind is supporting Alabama3 at Holmfirth Picturedrome, its such a wicked old venue and we we’re on top form infront of the big crowd. 

You travelled a lot last year, where were your favourite cities to play in?

We love to travel, for me it’s the best thing about being in a band. There is many but Edinburgh we particularly loved, can’t wait to return to Scotland in March.
Bristol has also been very good to us, we played 3 times in 2017, the last Bristol show in particular was at capacity, such a brilliant city, bubbling with culture and arts, we thrive on that.  Sheffield, York and Manchester are also Vuromantics strongholds, we feel the love when we play these. 

Your sound changed a lot during the year with each release, are you still finding your “sound” or are you an experimental band by nature?

Yes absolutely we have tried to be bold and just keep pushing it forward in new directions. As you know Adam we started out quite dark and synth based; I think that’s reflects how we we’re feeling at the time. 

Since then we have definitely broadened the sound incorporating elements of Synthpop, Funk & Soul and even in places Madchester-esque  vibes. The thing about Vuromantics is our mission statement musically, if you like, is to try and take a multitude of retro ideas and mutate/manipulate them into very modern sounding music that’s got a bit of an edge, still a bit raw and nostalgic in places but forward thinking and most importantly a joyful infectious absolute party when played live. 

Mar Reyes – Crofters Rights Bristol – 9/12/17

What can we expect in 2018 regarding new releases?

We’re scheming a free download single to coincide with our tour but mainly we are currently recording our debut album, we want to keep getting weird and wonderful sounds and ideas down, I imagine its going to take a while but it is penned for a 2018 release. 

Amongst your recording schedule you’ve announced a huge tour already, what are you most looking forward to this March?

Ohh yes this is the big one, Huge headline tour in some of our favorite cities and some insight into how we will be touring throughout the year, the joy of being a new band last year was we felt like we should just play as much as possible in as many cities as possible. Now we feel it’s time to take a more structured touring approach so we have more time to record and work other things we want to do as a band which I don’t want to mention to much about for the time being but it’s exciting.

Who will be supporting each night, local artists or touring support?

Local bands all the way, its part of the fun, meeting new people, we want to play with local bands, hear their storieshear the music, learn about their music scenes

The tour is in association with Classic Pop Magazine, how did that relationship come about?

We’re very lucky to be working with Classic Pop Magazine, they have a dedicated readership who are into a lot of the same bands we like, it’s great to have our mugs in the magazine alongside our hero’s, we are working on some interviews and things for print so get a subscription in!

Will you be looking at extensive touring later in the year too or is this is for 2018?

I think it’s likely there will be 3 big tours of this size but one of them will likely be made up of festival appearances, we’re hoping to land a few big festivals this year, got some irons in the fire so fingers crossed. 

Mar Reyes – Crofters Rights Bristol 9/12/2017

A bit more left field, if you could change one thing about the music industry right now, what would it be and why?

Woah curve-ball haha! I was just reading a article actually this week which made the case that local band shows should no longer cost £5 or under but instead should be charging at £7 to £10+ for entry because all the other costs associated with putting on live music events have gone up dramatically in the last 20 years but entrance prices have barely changed since the early 90s.  This is making it very difficult for many new acts to bring in the income they need to tour. So yeah maybe its time for a change on that front. 

What would you place top of your “music bucket list”?

It’s got to be Glastonbury hasn’t it, would love to be touring the mainland as well but Glasto takes the crown on that one. I feel like I could die a happy man haha. 

Last one from me, if you had to pick 3 bands other than yourselves who are going to breakout in 2018, who would you tip and why?

Breakout, Make It Big, Make It, Big in 2018 are all kind phrases I try to avoid but 3 bands I’d tip to have a great year are.

Faux Pas – York based indie band who have a brilliant DIY touring ethos not to dissimilar to our own. Huge momentum around them at the moment. Surely the will only go from strength to strength this year. 

Twist Helix – Geordie Synthpop band who are touring very consistently at the moment. Great music, brilliant live, love-able people, the kind of band which everyone who meets them ends up willing them forward because they are such ace people. 

Otis Mensah – Sheffield’s Otis Mensah is probably my favourite living lyricist in the world right now and he must only be in his early 20s, it’s insane, been listening to his output for about 6 years, He played glasto last year and is tipped by many of Sheffield media outfits as the Sheffield act to watch at the moment. Again also a loveable guy, you just want to see him succeed. 

Catch the band on tour in March (all dates below) – tickets can be bought from right now!

Tour Dates (MARCH)
Thursday 1st – Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s
Friday 2nd – Glasgow, The 13th Note
Saturday 3rd – Newcastle, Little Buildings
Wednesday 7th – Nottingham, Bodega
Saturday 10th – Sheffield, Yellow Arch
Wednesday 14th – Manchester, Night n Day Cafe
Thursday 15th – Bristol, Exchange
Friday 16th – London, O2 Academy2 Islington

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