Double Denim Live Preview – 12/1/17


In our newest feature, we will be previewing every Double Denim Live show right here on Halfway 2 Nowhere. This weeks show currently has two confirmed acts The Purps and Fudge. Here’s what to expect!

The Purps


If you had to pick two genres of music and mash them together – the first thing that would come to mind is unlikely to be indie-reggae, but that’s how Wakefield band The Purps describe themselves. With influences ranging from DMA’s to Bob Marley it’s hard to pin down exactly what to expect from this exciting five-piece. Their debut release Slow Motion gives a good indication however, think Red Hot Chilli’s sticky guitar mixed with the groove from reggae and the freshness of bands like DMA’s or JUDAS. Don’t miss out on them playing Verve Bar this Friday as we don’t think they’ll be playing venues like this for too long!




Whilst one word to describe The Purps would be “unique” – that word is almost definitely the only one that can be used when discussing Fudge. They have described themselves as an “art form” and with their musical style, it’s hard to disagree. Like The Purps, they have a range of influences that merge to create something quite special. If you love a good riff, you’ll like Fudge. If you love a catchy chorus, you’ll like Fudge. If you love having your face melted whilst having a funky dance and singing your heart out…..guess what, you’ll love Fudge, They have to be seen to be believed as their live shows are something to marvel over. Fast becoming one of Leeds’ most intriguing and genuinely exciting bands, Fudge are one of the ones to see this January!


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