Able’s Army – Crawl

Able’s Army // Crawl
For fans of: The Strokes // The Cribs

What a year 2017 was for Huddersfield band Able’s Army, playing shows across the North, releasing Brewery Tour and Astronaut, and playing a huge set at Bingley Festival. They ended the year with their best release to date, which charted at 17 in our Unsigned Top 40, Crawl.

Described as a song “about making a choice between growing up and settling down or going out” (and whether we even want to make that decision!), Crawl is an indie rock n’ roll belter that has been the stand out track in Able’s Army’s live sets throughout 2017. One of the bands’ unique points is their two lead singers Mike Foy and James Livesey. Each release they put out has a different lead and therefore a different sound which makes for a great change.

Crawl is driven by Foy whose vocal is as good as it has been on a recorded release. The song is significantly stronger though when both singers are combined and rip roaring through the catchy vocals in the chorus. The track is upbeat with a thumping drum track throughout topped off by 90s indie rock riffs and Cribs-esque vocals.

We’re looking forward to more releases from the Huddersfield lads in 2018, we’re told they’ve been working on a few tracks in the studio which may form an EP or a few new singles throughout the year – Crawl has set them up for a big one and it’s even perked the legends at This Feeling’s interest. AA will be playing at Lending Room in Leeds for them on 10th February on what’s going to be a phenomenal night. Crawl is without question an indie banger with attitude and good fun all mixed in and we can’t wait for you to join us at a show this year singing it out loud! All dates confirmed so far below.

Able’s Army Tour Dates

13.01 Old Town House, Warrington
20.01 Parish, Hudds.
10.02 The Lending Room, Leeds
25.02 Small Seeds, Hudds.


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