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Top 40 Singles of 2017 – 40-21

Every year we compile a list of the best of the best from across the globe, culminating in a Top 40 chart of face melting tunes that you should all be playing. 2017 was no different and one of the best years for unsigned, rock, indie and a huge range of genres. Here are our picks from the last 12 months.


40 Help Papa Roach
39 Do You Know Me? VANT
38 Caught in the Middle The Temperance Movement
37 Song #3 Stone Sour
36 Blood // Water Grandson
35 Comeback Kid Kasabian
34 Tourism Palmes
33 Chemical Bang Bang Romeo
32 Dare The Hunna
31 Jacknife and the Death Call The Shimmer Band

Whilst much of the Top 40 is littered with huge artists such as Stone Sour and Kasabian who’s 2017 was one of their best years, there are numerous artists deserving of special mention. The Temperance Movement being one of these are a band that seem to be able to do no wrong. Caught in the Middle is a song with such power and confidence it was impossible not to include them in this list. 2018 is going to be a big year with a February album release we are looking forward to. Our good friends Palmes had one of their best years to date with the release of El Capitano, For You and I, and Tourism. The final track was the pick for us and we cannot wait to see what 2018 brings with their debut EP release this month!

30 Petrichor Tall Ships
29 Brand New You Me At Six
28 Hypoallergenic Mint
27 Technology Don Broco
26 Thank God I’m Not You Himalayas
25 Take My Country Back Enter Shikari
24 Kicks Barns Courtney
23 Monster The Elephant Trees
22 Run For Cover The Killers
21 hometown cleopatrick

One of the saddest moments of 2017 was the announcement of the end of Tall Ships one of the greatest bands to ever exist; their album last year was a fine piece of music and they’ll be missed.

Taking over festivals nationwide last year were Grimsby band Mint who are one of the most exciting bands in the country right now. Releasing the impeccable St Oxford and the phenomenal Hypoallergenic they proved you can go it alone and be a huge success in the current market.


This Feeling’s biggest coup of this year was finding Himalayas. There weren’t many better songs released in 2017 (25 to be precise) than Thank God I’m Not You which is a foot stomper, a head banger and a face melter all at once. Stupidly good song. Another song and band that have blown us away this year are The Elephant Trees. Lead singer Martha has more talent in her little finger than most will ever have in their whole bodies and drives the band in Monster. The best female vocalist in the country right now and huge things predicted for 2018.

Just missing out on the Top 20 by a slither was Canadian duo cleopatrick. Sometimes you are searching the music streaming sites and come across an absolute gem and hometown, their latest single was just that. As a writer I’m not often left without words, but this band’s power and control is just unbearably good and their talent is sure to propel them to stardom next year. Phenomenal track.

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