Late Night Legacy go back to their strengths on groovy “Beat Up” single

Late Night Legacy // Beat Up
For fans of: RHCP/Gaslight Anthem/The Rifles

Rock n’ Roll is a genre of music rarely attempted by new bands in the current Leeds and Yorkshire scene. Dominated by indie and a britpop resurgence, it has become ever harder for bands playing true rock music to emerge within the city. One of the bands though that have battled their way to becoming home town favourites are Late Night Legacy.

The band had a huge 2017 releasing the beautifully crafted “I’m an Eagle” and followed it up with latest single “Beat Up”. The band describe their sound as powerful, uplifting and harmonious; Beat Up showcases these three words perfectly with the punchy opening riff driving the track into a foot stomper of a track, made for dance floors and gig rooms worldwide. It’s funky, it’s grungy, it’s a special piece of music that deserves to be heard by the masses. Infusing intricate instrumentation with simple hard hitting chords, Beat Up is one of the biggest tracks to come out of Leeds in some time.

The song is about “overcoming life’s difficult obstacles, no matter how beat up and worn out you get along the way” and if you pay attention to the lyrics you find yourself motivated to get out and keep trying with whatever it is you’re having problems with. It’s often said rock music is one dimensional and lacks depth but Late Night Legacy’s latest single bucks this trend. I find myself getting lost in the track; as it grows the track layers so effortlessly you wouldn’t believe the band are on their way up rather than cementing their place at the top. Whilst just missing a cutting edge to be deemed “anthemic” the band are well on their way to producing material that major festival headliners would be ridiculously proud to call theirs.

In a music scene that is becoming saturated with bands trying to be bands of the past, Late Night Legacy stand out as the band who could lead the charge for Yorkshire bands in 2018. Beat Up is just the start of this bands potential so keep an eye out this year for bigger things from the Leeds band.  Catch them at their huge homecoming show this month at Lending Room on 26th January – tickets right here

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