Single Review: The Sheratons – Better Days

The first time I heard “Better Days” by Bingley band The Sheratons I was left rather confused at the genre and style the band were aiming for. The song is a mix of grungy 80’s bass, with brit-pop vocals and early noughties guitar riffs. What is very clear by this bands first single is they have an eclectic mix of influences which feed in to their song writing very effectively.

Better Days has a catchy chorus, filled with “oohh’s” which everyone loves from time to time. Whilst the core chords are reminiscent of Beatles style music, the band keep the track current with their relaxed energy and strong vocal performances throughout.

As far as debut’s go, this is a strong effort. It doesn’t have too much flair but is a solid indie-pop song that will help bring in fans before the band unleash their true musical potential. The band have a big future ahead of them if this is what they are producing as their debut and we feel they have found a gap in the indie market via their vast influences. I’m excited to see where the band take it from here – they have the youthful exuberance shown by few these days and Better Days is just the start for this young Yorkshire band.

Twitter: @TheSheratonsUK

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