Palmes – For You And I

2017 has been a big year for Huddersfield band Palmes releasing “El Capitano” and “Tourism”. They have given us all an early Christmas present though by releasing new track “For You and I”.

After taking a bit of a break from their earlier heavy synth style, For You And I reverts back, to an extent, to this genre, mixing their newer guitar sound with strong electronic vibes. Whilst closer to Oslo than El Capitano, new fans will be able to recognise how much Palmes have grown since their earlier releases. For You And I is their most musically sound effort so far and tests vocalist Ryan Smith more than previous releases.

Slowly becoming experts at building a track, For You And I showcases all three members’ talents. Drummer Callum Taylor is more prominent on this release than previously providing a driving drum track that isn’t overshadowed by the guitar and Ash’s harmonies and bass bring life to the song.

“We’re more Tom and Jerry than Bonnie and Clyde”

Lyrically the song is different to past releases too and stands out for us as the best song the band have written yet. Back in May we compared Palmes to 30STM and Pulp, this track though is much more reminiscent of a later Killers track showing just how diverse the young band from Huddersfield really are.

We predict a big 2018 for Palmes and wish them every success next year. Listen to For You and I right here


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