Sounds Like A Storm – Blind and Deaf

Sennen Ludman, vocalist of Leeds band Sounds Like a Storm told me earlier in the year, “Emission”, their last single, is just the start, wait till you hear what we’ve got to come. To be honest, the track was so powerful, I honestly didn’t think they could top it. Sometimes though, you have to admit when you’re wrong.

Blind and Deaf is the new offering from the Yorkshire quartet, their best release to date. The track wastes no time at all getting going, with scuzzy guitars and the punchy vocal from Ludman showing the band mean business. The entire track is so well formed and feels like a call out to the big leagues, “Sounds Like a Storm are here, pay attention”.

As Blind and Deaf progresses with marching drum beats, heavy building riffs and the powerful Leeds vocal you can’t help but feel this is the sound of  a band ready to make the next step in their career. After only two releases, Blind and Deaf sounds like a track on a bands third or fourth album, professional but rugged and with a distinctly recognisable sounds. Taking inspiration from Judas and Vant Blind and Deaf combines the best in songwriting and lyrics with some of the hottest electro-guitar sounds I’ve heard in 2017.

Appealing to a range of people from young teenagers to music lovers, SLAS are straddling greatness and if the progression they’ve made from Emission to Blind and Deaf is anything to go by, next year is going to be a huge one for this band.

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