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Top 40 Unsigned Singles of 2017 – 40-21

What a year 2017 has been for unsigned music! With This Feeling, Double Denim and independent promoters across the UK doing phenomenal jobs of getting new faces out there, unsigned music is in the strongest position it has been in for a while, reflected by the quality of this year’s Top 40 Singles!

This post counts down from 40-21 before we reveal the top 20 later on in the month. All of the bands featured have had incredible years and we cannot wait to see them break next year’s top 20 and maybe even the Top 40 Overall Singles chart.


40 Plastic House Say You Love Me
39 The Seamonsters Max and Archie
38 Deep.Sleep Soho
37 Garage Flowers Hello Tango
36 As Sirens Fall In My Mnd
35 Affairs Gracious World
34 Tranqua Lite Tempered Tides
33 The Assist Give It To Me
32 The Brookes Bleed Me Dry
31 The Surge Desperate Times

Newcastle band Deep.Sleep played for us at our first ever live shows as well as huge sets at Kendal Calling and major UK festivals this Summer. “Soho” was the pick of their releases this year and the band are going places in 2018.

Another band breaking onto the scene this year were Tranqua Lite, the Leeds based psych-indie band. Their track Tempered Tides is like nothing else you’ll have heard this year and was one of the best unsigned tracks to be released.

If you’re looking for a bit of traditional, Oasis style britpop rock, look no further than Bradford’s The Surge. An incredible outfit, these guys have gone from strength to strength this year, culminating in the release of single Desperate Times.


30 Ivory Wave Separate Beat
29 Puppet Rebellion Please Me
28 Stillia 4AM
27 Jackobins Outside
26 Harrison Rimmer I Am On fire
25 The Receivers Crescent Moon Heart
24 Navettes Gorgeous
23 Paves Beat the Gun
22 Atlanta House Cold Love
21 Vida Where  We Came From

The next ten tracks sees some absolute bangers just missing out on the top 20, such is the talent that has come from unsigned music in 2017. Stillia have more talent in their little fingers than most bands ever have. Their two releases in 2017, Let Me In and 4AM were two of the best releases of the year and big things are expected from the St Helens band next year.

Harrison Rimmer and The Receivers prove that bands that gig a lot in York can actually do well in the music industry. Often a city missed by touring bands, these two artists have played it to death this year and produced huge tracks.

Completing the bottom 20 and just missing out on the top half are two of the most talented bands in the UK right now, Atlanta House and Vida. With very different styles, Vida enter the chart with their acoustic number Where We Came From whilst Atlanta House break the top 40 with their classy new track Cold Love. Both ones to watch and both on our radar for next year, 2018 could be special for these bands.


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