Carnation – Fatal Attraction

2017 has been a huge year for the heavier side of indie-rock music. Whilst recent times has seen “funky” bands such as No Hot Ashes and Corella come out strong, this year has seen fuzzier tracks from bands like Cabezudos and Reverend and the Makers return to the front of the industry. The stand out track though hailing form this genre is Fatal Attraction, delivered by Manc outfit Carnation.

Described as making music “you’d punch your mate to”, Fatal Attraction explores the dark concept of “Lust” rather than the typically happy, indie “Love”. The lyrics are much deeper than expected of upcoming artists and at times are haunting. The phrase “Fatal Attraction” in itself sets the tone of the 3 and a half minute stomper before it’s even begun. Belting out lyrics to a dark indie-pop melody that describes how fatal love and lust can be is a topic rarely seen on the indie scene.

The track excels, and stands out from the rest of 2017’s indie bangers for a few distinct reasons. It’s bold, the riffs are as big as Donald Trump’s hands are small, the vocals are grungy but powerful and most importantly, the band don’t just stick to four, basic indie chords. If Liam Gallagher and The Shimmer Band had a weird love child, something along the lines of Carnation would be produced.

When Fatal Attraction drops into the middle instrumental, you can’t help but get lost in the music. It’s a stunning track with a close fit for stadiums. The ambition of the band from Manchester is simply ridiculous and for a debut, Fatal Attraction ticks all the right boxes and more. Look out for more from this band in 2018, we think they’re going to be the band to watch from the North West.


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