Kazoopa 2017 – Six not to miss

Kazoopa Festival in Leeds on November 25th is the one that Halfway 2 Nowhere has been waiting for most of the year. There’s over 70 acts of greatness descending on our main Yorkshire city in venues dotted across the city centre starting at lunchtime. If you want to discover just how healthy the alternative music scene is in Yorkshire at the moment then Kazoopa is the place to be.

There’s also going to be plenty of only occasional visitors in Leeds and this is an opportunity to hunt down unsigned music that typically plays outside Yorkshire. The beauty of an event like this is to go off and dip into something new – I truly can’t think of a better way to spend twelve quid.

To whet your whistle for what promises to be a varied night we’ve scanned the act list for our pick of the crop:

Ivory Wave

I’m really into those emerging crop of bands who manage to mix up that Manchester Oasis/ Happy Mondays vibe with a more contemporary club beat, and I’m pumped that Birmingham based guys Ivory Wave are playing at Kazoopa. If their recently released tune Separate Beat is anything to go by it’s going to one huge performance.

Atlanta House

There’s always room for big anthemic tunes from local lads at any festival, and Atlanta House fit the bill perfectly. Atlanta House have been playing for 3-4 years now, and 2017 have seen them move onto another level of tight music, great performances and a buzz following their well received debut EP Home. If you like a Catfish/Oasis/Courteeners feel to your music then make sure you check out this accomplished and polished band.

The Elephant Trees

If you enjoy your music thoughtful and tuneful but still banging, you will be in the right place at the front of the stage for The Elephant Trees. Monster is not simply the name of their gentle and inspired summer single; it’s going to describe this performance too.

Recently relocated to Manchester, this will be an early homecoming to Leeds for the Elephant Trees. Lead singer Martha Phillips (who also has a solo slot at Kazoopa) has one of those beautifully pure indie voices of the type the late John Peel used to adore, and there’s some serious music talent behind her.


It’s going to be November, it’s going to a bit damp and chilly, so there’s gotta be plenty of chances to move and jig to keep warm. Sheafs have been working hard gigging all summer so expect a very solid, lively crowd pleasing performance from these bouncing Arctic Monkey influenced Sheffield boys. The new single This is Not a Protest is a fully certified banger to boot. The gig will be a warm up for their forthcoming Leeds Chapel gig supporting Jordan Allen (and with the Elephant Trees also on the bill, that’s one difficult to miss line up) on December 8th.

Indigo Velvet

No festival is complete without a bit of African beat and a calypso feel, and a band I’ve been following for quite a while is the Edinburgh based magnificent Indigo Velvet. It’s time to dig out and iron down that sick batik summer shirt you picked up on the beach in the summer and pick up a prime chance to escape from the bank balance, a dismal love life, the ailing cat and hate filled Donald Trump for half an hour or so.


Hailing originally from the rural sticks I used to be something of a metal head (the country music of the UK), so I always look out for someone with a Royal Blood/Black Keys vibe to let that hard noise pierce through my ear drums for a while. I’m therefore stoked to find Essex 4 piece BREED are going to be in town, and no doubt that wonderfully heavy and rolling new track Gimmie More will feature prominently on the set list. It’s time to let your ears bleed, ladies and gentlemen.

To get the suss on Kazoopa Festival 2017, go and visit their website:

Chris R


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