Ormstons – Bridgewater Way

Ormstons are an indie-rock band from Leeds, and have begun to create a bit of a buzz with support slots at venues like The Wardrobe, and a headline show at The Key Club this weekend that celebrated the release of their debut single, Bridgewater Way.

‘Bridgewater Way’ is a raucous indie romp if I ever heard one. It begins with a solitary guitar, before launching headfirst into a wild riff that makes you wanna leap around like a madman. The verse is somewhat more subdued, focusing mainly on the bass and vocals, showcasing the sublime vocal performance given by frontwoman Jess Huxham on this track. Her slick voice is full of attitude and cheekiness, and perfectly fits the vibe of this song. The bass and drums fit perfectly behind this, locking into a groove that keeps up the energy even when the intensity drops.

The chorus is certainly catchy, it’ll have you singing along by the second time it comes around. The energy is infectious and will no doubt have audiences on their feet.

They then drop back down to a middle-eight section that brings forth visions of crowds crouched down, waiting to leap back into the air when the chorus kicks back in (because that is of course the done thing at indie gigs now). The final chorus keeps up the intensity and the song ends on a high point that makes you want to go right back to the start and listen all over again.

This will no doubt become a fan favourite, with its endlessly singable lyrics and high energy, but don’t take my word for it, get down to see them at any of their upcoming shows!

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