Dead Natives – I Got Menace

Single review: Dead Natives
For fans of : Arctic Monkeys / Redfaces

October 13th – mark your calendars for the release of this hot new single from Dead Natives, in my opinion their best work to date.

After a short crescendo to kick things off, they leap straight into the song and never look back. After less than 10 seconds, I was already hooked, the main guitar riff is absolutely unforgettable and combined with a forceful drum beat all the way through, I Got Menace is off to a pretty exceptional start.

Liam then launches into lyrics that immediately begin to tie the whole piece together, they’re punchy, powerful and dripping with quiet confidence. I Got Menace is coursing with arrogance and attitude, almost as if they know this is going to send fans wild.  Around two-thirds of the way through, the band really seem to let loose, and show their genuine musical flare and passion – an epic drum build before Robbie crashes into a dynamic guitar solo that is overflowing with skill and complexity.

If you’re wanting to get a real feel for the band, their psychedelic music video that accompanies this song is well worth a watch- perfectly capturing the message from the lyrics and the new, alternative rock vibe they’re putting out there. If I were you, I’d definitely start getting used to seeing these boys more often as this new single is bursting with potential for this four-piece alternative-rock band from Surrey to take the indie community by storm.

In comparison to their previous singles such as ‘The Love I Have’ and ‘A Tightrope’ within which undertones of mellow Arctic Monkeys could clearly be heard – their latest work, ‘I Got Menace’ in particular, Dead Natives have really grown and developed and created a ragged, edgy sound of their own.

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