The Hubbards are Body Confident

Single review: The Hubbards
For fans of: Pavement / Weezer

I’m in aural heaven when I hear a jangling guitar and a good beat, so one of the tunes of last year came from those clean and crisp sounding Hull guys, The Hubbards, and in particular their track Merv from their Cold Cut EP.

2017 has been an exciting year for the indie-pop band with their clever single Just Touch, with vocals reminiscent of Mark E Smith from The Fall, getting the band’s highest number of plays on the likes of Spotify. Live, The Hubbards have completed a short tour in March and April, another one on-going now, and well received performances at a number of summer festivals including Radio 1 Big Weekend, The Great Escape, Hull Sesh and Dot to Dot. At present, The Hubbards have just released their second track of the year, Body Confident.

With a title like Body Confident, the music just had to have a certain swagger, and the swirling tune of the song repeats incessantly as it knows it’s going to infect your brain for the rest of the day. It might well be enough to rely on a catchy tune, but the lyrics in the song are also nicely constructed, about a burgeoning relationship. The vocals are delivered in a pleasingly northern way offering a healthy riposte to those south east bands using their lazy Essex drawl. I like the biting and slightly caustic delivery of the vocals here; I think the track might be too sugar sweet if it were delivered in a less intense way; likewise, the guitar and drums also have a pleasing and punchy aggressive air.

The Hubbards four piece (Reuben Driver – Vocals and Bass, Alex Green – Guitar and vocals, Ronan Burns – Guitar, Joe Orlowski – Drums) always have something of a feel-good air about them and that they put their heart and soul into their music; you just know you will have a great time seeing them live. Dates coming up include a home-coming triumph at Hull’s Fruit on 13th October, and a slot at their second city, Live at Leeds Ones to Watch #2 at the Wardrobe on November 25th.

Chris R

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