Atlanta House – Home

Atlanta House’s debut EP Home is slick, classic sounding Indie-Rock with a quietly swaggering confidence. The band, for those who don’t know, are an emerging Indie-Rock outfit from Leeds, consisting of Matt Hirst (Lead Vocals), Jake Ingleson (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals), Luke Williams (Lead Guitar), Nigel Ngwenya (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals), and Connor Carbutt (Drums & Percussion).


(Featured above, Atlanta House)

The EP opens up with a short one and a half minute long track which perfectly introduces the band’s sound to the world. The quavering, distorted guitars, fast bass line, thick drums and a close, compressed vocal effect reminiscent of The Strokes Is This Is (an effect which I am a particular sucker for) sets up the tone for the whole EP perfectly. Hirst’s vocals were a particular standout point for me, as he fantastically owns that quietly constrained style of accented vocalisation that Indie-Rock fans in particular love – and for good reason, I mean, it just sounds good!

For me, however, the EP works at its best when it moves away from the more conventional sounding Indie-Rock influences. ‘Casa (En Llamas)’ was undoubtedly my standout favourite. The track really offers something interesting in its swaggering organistic grandeur. There is a flare to this track in a similar vein to the latest Last Shadow Puppets album, with Hirst’s vocals at their best on the EP and working perfectly with the glittering guitar effects to give a truly great vibe to the track.


(Featured above, Artwork for Home)

Similarly, the final eponymous track ‘Home’ (which actually smells of stadium air) manages to reproduce the more confident ownership of the genre that ‘Casa (En Llamas)’ suggests towards and is a great choice as closer to the EP.

The two tracks ‘Last Card’ and ‘Cold Love’ are where the Indie-Rock fans will find their more conventional anthemic tracks. There are very strong influences of Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Courteeners, and whilst there is far from anything wrong with these two tracks, I wanted more of what the band had offered, in particular, in ‘Casa (En Llamas)’. Specifically, I felt that ‘Cold Love’ was the weakest on the album, due to the fact that the more conventional sound of the track meant that the phrase ‘cold love’ in the song came across as a little too easy – especially coming off the back of ‘Casa’ where the band had really offered something interesting and sincere.

As a whole, the EP is a fantastic achievement for the band. It conveys a palpable hunger for their place on bigger and bigger stages, and if the band continue to push their sound more as they do in tracks such as ‘Casa (En Llamas)’ where they stand more on their own, then there is no reason why they can’t achieve bigger and bigger things.

The EP Home is out on the 29th September, and you can see Atlanta House on their upcoming tour with Double Denim.



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