Ravellas – Colour Me Sweet

Single review: The Ravellas
For fans of: Catfish and the Bottlemen; Arctic Monkeys; RedFaces

With a Catfish-esque sound, the Ravellas latest release, ‘Colour Me Sweet’ certainly doesn’t disappoint. Starting with a powerful bass beat from Aiden and continuing throughout, The Ravellas make it virtually impossible not to tap your feet as soon as the first note is heard. As the guitar and vocals kick in, the band create an instantly recognisable sense of nostalgia fringed with energetic youthfulness.

From the get-go, Colour Me Sweet has a boyish innocence about it, helped along and nurtured by lead singer Mac’s melodic voice.  The lead riff from Parker perfectly represents Colour Me Sweet – strong, not easily forgotten and extremely well written.

As the piece progresses, it begins to build and grow into something more dangerous and dominant, the soothing sound they created at the start is soon replaced by something far more raw and daring. Culminating in the band simultaneously launching into a huge crescendo the way only Alex Turner knows how, before slowing down and looping back to repeat the simple atmosphere we saw early on.

Throughout the piece, The Ravellas continually demonstrate that they are not just another indie band soon to be dropped and replaced, but an unforgettable foursome who won’t rest until they get the recognition they deserve. This group of lads from Manchester have brought something special back to Indie-Rock. With potential spilling out of their every beat, The Ravellas  have everything you could ask for in the next up and coming young indie band.


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